Graduation Information

Graduation Practice:  TBA, on the field at WJW- Mack Tharpe Stadium. (Lunch follows in the cafeteria at WJW). Be in your assigned seat by 8:40 AM--if you are tardy or miss practice, you will be removed from the call list. Programs will be given to seniors at practice--seniors will not be given programs on Saturday.

Senior Group Picture:  TBA in the Gym.You will receive the informational envelope in advisory and then you will be required to order the picture ON picture day with a check for the exact amount (no change will be available). Bring Caps and Gowns to put on for picture and Merit / Honor cords  if you are a Merit or Honor grad and National Honor Society cowls. Seniors who do not need to take finals will then be dismissed.

Graduation Exercise:

Date: Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 8:00 AM, Mack Tharpe Stadium.

Graduate Parking: Seniors are to park on the South side of the WJW gymnasium.

Time: 8:00 AM, Students report to WJW Gym by 7:00 AM and report to advisory teacher. Be checked in and in your assigned seat no later than 7:15 AM so that we can begin lining up. We will line up by advisory.

Tickets: Tickets will be REQUIRED for anyone who enters graduation. Each student may request up to ten tickets to give their family for entrance into graduation. Students with large families may request additional tickets if needed through the administration. NO TICKET, NO ADMITTANCE.

  • Honors cords, stoles, NHS collars for all those with these honors. No other cords/accessories permitted.
  • Cap (mortar board is to be worn flat, NOT tilted, with the point in the middle of the forehead).
  • Tassel to be worn hanging to the left side until you graduate, then it will be moved to the right side.
  • a dark colored dress under your gown, preferably a cool material as it is very hot with robes on
  • BLACK shoes (no high heels--don't want you stuck in the turf but wedges are fine)
  • a WHITE, collared shirt with a DARK tie
  • Black pants, absolutely NO shorts!
  • Black shoes

What not to wear or bring:

  • NO decorations or adornments on your graduation cap
  • NO athletic shoes or flip flops
  • NO sunglasses
  • NO scarves, headbands, or any other head gear
  • NO jewelry piercings on the face
  • NO gum
  • NO cell phones or other electronic devices



  • Give speakers your full attention
  • Do not draw attention to yourself--make it a special day for EVERYONE (any outward act that takes away from the dignity of the ceremony could result in consequences which may include having your diploma held until a later date)
  • To receive diploma, shake hands with your right hand and receive the diploma cover with your left hand

Pick up your diploma at the South end right after the ceremony! Look for the tent where you fall in the alphabet. Diplomas will be pulled for any students still owing fines or fees. If not paid, you will need to see Mrs. Tomlinson to clear your balance in order to collect your diploma.


Mack Tharpe Stadium--Parents and Guests enter from South end at both Home and visitors sides, Handicapped: Parking at East side of Stadium, entry through Field House side double gates.

Weather Issues:

Rain before the ceremony, administrators will wait and watch weather radar. We will attempt to wait it out. If conditions are severe and there doesn't seem to be a break in the weather, we will come back to stadium at 6 PM. If it rains during the ceremony we will attempt to wait it out unless conditions are severe or there is lightning. The last option would be to move the ceremony to Sunday at 8:00 AM so that the ceremony would end before most church services begin. If it begins to rain during the ceremony we would attempt to finish unless it becomes severe or the lightning detector is activated. IF conditions cause us to leave the field, we would return to WJW's gym to wait it out and then hopefully continue with the ceremony.


No balloons, signs or noisemakers, no smoking, no outbursts. We are proud of your children too and we want all grads' families to have the opportunity to hear their child's name and see them graduate.


NO reserved parking. Handicapped parking is along the east side of the stadium.

Medical & Public Safety Services:

  • EMTs will be available
  • CCHS Health Occupation staff will be set up in a 'cool zone' on the Visitor's side of the stadium so that guests who may become overheated can get water, shade, and cool air.
  • Moultrie PD & CC Sheriff's Deputies will be available to assist with any needs.
  • CCHS administrators will be stationed in various posts throughout the campus to assist guests.


  • Grad Images, will take a picture of the student before going on stage and as they receive their diploma cover. Parents will be able to see these proofs online approximately 48 hours after the ceremony. If your student registered an email address when they filled out paperwork in advisory, the proofs will be emailed to you.

Graduation Speakers
The Valedictorian and Salutatorian will be the only featured speakers during the graduation ceremony. However, other program participation will be afforded to ranking graduates.